Is Automated Romance Bad?

DATEA FEW YEARS ago, there was really no way to know how we would use the Internet of Things. A handful prescribed functions for home devices like Nest and Philips Hue made immediate sense. But beyond the gadget-specific actions that blink our lights, lock our doors, and kick on our air conditioners lie scores of automated tasks that can be used to manipulate hearts and minds.

IFTTT, one of the largest platforms for using the internet to do our bidding, hosts a shocking amount of recipes dedicated to obsessing over our romantic partners. Users of the service have created automated triggers to monitor, control, and interact with our significant others.

Here?s one that notifies you when your wife posts anything to Instagram. Another sends your wife a daily report of your activity. This recipe simply keeps a wife up to date on the whereabouts of her husband. And one to notify your boyfriend when you?re five minutes away. And this classic: ?Get a notification when your girlfriend posts a new picture so that you can like before she gets mad.? Simple search terms like ?wife,? ?husband,? ?boyfriend,? ?girlfriend,? and ?spouse? return fascinating results.

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