Attack on Kenya orphanage yields $80k in donations

NGONG, Kenya (AP) ? Anthony Omari earned the still-fresh 11-stitch scar that runs from his forehead to his upper lip in one of the noblest ways imaginable: By taking a machete to the face while defending a Kenyan orphanage from thieves.

Young, traumatized orphans witnessed the assault, which split open Omari’s face and soaked his clothes in blood.

But thanks to a posting on an increasingly influential U.S.-based social networking website, this story has a fairy tale ending that brings smiles of amazement and tears of gratitude.

Penn State student Ben Hardwick posted a picture of Omari and his zipper-like scar after the Jan. 30 attack, and users of the website Reddit donated more than $80,000 to help upgrade the orphanage’s defenses.