AT&T Social Apps, free and easy to use

AppsIn recent years, the popularity of social networking websites has skyrocketed. As such, you most likely already belong to one or more social networking sites. Are you looking for a way to stay connected on social networking sites ? but do not want the hassle of logging onto all of your different social networking site accounts? Look no further as this innovative social networking application provides you with an All-In-One Solution for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and even important breaking news. You can also tailor the news feeds to suit your needs. Better still, this helpful application is available to you completely free of charge.??

?Five of the top 10 searches on our mobile Web portal are for social networking sites, a clear indication of the growing popularity of mobile social networking,? said Mark Collins, the vice president of Voice and Data Products at AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. ?With this app, we?re satisfying the increasing demand for aggregation apps that make it easy for customers to be active in multiple communities simultaneously.?

Featuring a handy carousel menu, you will be able to see and manage your favorite social networking sites, communicate with your friends, and keep track of all your oh-so-important events ? all in real time. You will also have access to the live news feeds of well over thirty-five top entertainment, news, and sports Web sites. Some of these feeds come from popular sites such as ESPN, CNN, and MTV News.

To get this application to work, all you have to do is enter your info, and then you are automatically ready to post and respond to other tweets, comment on status updates, write wall posts, and make other comments on your favorite social networking pages.?

Besides these features, if you so choose, you can be notified when there are specific updates on your social networking pages ? even when the Social Net app is closed. For example, you will get a pop-up notification ? along with an option to launch this app ? when you get a new wall posting, a news comment and so on. Of course, if you do not want this pop-up notification, you can simply disable the feature by choosing the appropriate setting in the app setting menu.?

That said, when you do use this app, it will use a significant amount of data. Thus, AT&T recommends that you have an unlimited data plan ? so that you can avoid costly bills. To obtain a free copy of this useful app, simply download the app at the AT&T Media Mall. You can access the Media Mall either online at or via your AT&T cell phone.