AT&T Celebrates Black History Month

CommonYesterday marked the beginning of Black History Month, or as many are starting to refer to it: Black Heritage Month.?While it is a time that encourages both celebration and retrospection;?the period also creates a platform for observation concerning current achievements and exchange regarding just how those achievements mesh with today’s society and its future shape. In fact, AT&T’s “28 Days” campaign through this month will enable the public to look at new innovators through a free exclusive speaker series. Celebrating its third year, the program is more than a reflection of the past?but is offered as a footprint to what the future holds beyond Black History Month.??

Award winning hip-hop artist, actor and activist Common will serve as the exclusive host and moderator for the 2011 AT&T 28 Days speaker series, which will showcase five individuals who are making their own page in African-American history in the fields of technology, media, fashion, politics and business. “This year, AT&T wants consumers to look at today’s history makers and innovators, who are changing the world we live in and truly speak to the core of ‘Rethink Possible’,” said Jennifer Jones, vice president of Diverse Markets, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.?She continues, “AT&T was interested in partnering with leaders in the fields of education, business, technology and community service who are using innovation and new possibilities to bring a fresh perspective to these topics.?Of course, we wanted the program to have a broad appeal and having a host like Common connects us to a younger audience with a positive message.” ??

This progressive youth focus is a signature element of the campaign.?Jones explains, “The AT&T 28 Days concept was created in 2009 in partnership with several agencies to celebrate Black History Month in a new forward-looking manner versus the traditional perspective of looking back. [It is intended to] ignite a conversation in the African-American community about how each of us can make history in our own area of expertise.”?And while the series will take place in a number of cities from Harlem to Oakland, technology will enable the message to potentially reach people worldwide.?”The 2011 AT&T 28 Days program includes a mobile Web site, Facebook page, and our new African American focused Web site ? <>, ” says Jones.? ??

Given that African-Americans out-index in terms of mobile expenditures and feature usage (source: Pew Research Center), it is only fitting that wireless companies provide a much-needed outlet for recognition within this segment as well as support.

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