The Art Of Complaining

ComplaintsThere is an art to complaining. Don?t complain just to complain. Complain for change and a solution to a problem. And know when it is best to complain or just shut up.

Depending on the situation, if an issue is not being resolved to your satisfaction, ask to speak to a supervisor. Explain the problem in a rational manner. Screaming, name-calling and fits of rage rarely result in your getting what you want.
If you receive bad service at a restaurant, don?t merely skip the tip. Speak to the manager on your way out and explain why the service was below par. Stiffing the wait staff will not solve the problem; the next time you dine there you might even receive worse service. By alerting a boss to the problem, the service just may improve.

When complaining, here are a few tips:
Make sure your complaint is succinct and clear. Don?t ramble. Also ask for some restitution. Maybe a free meal the next time you visit a restaurant where you received poor service. Or a discount on a bill at a store. Or with an airline, a few extra frequent flier miles.
Keep your cool. Don?t let your anger get the best of you. It will just put the other party on the defensive. Be polite. If you treat people with respect, they are more likely to help you come to a resolution that all parties can agree on.
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If you have to send a complaint letter, make sure to include receipts and, if necessary, photos as evidence. Keep?records of all communications.

Don?t delay. Complain as soon as possible. On the spot is best. If you need to file an official complaint, do it as soon as possible.
When complaining over the phone, ask for the person to send to you in writing how the situation has been resolved.

Explain clearly that the quality of the product or service isn?t acceptable. Then explain what you expect to be done about it and when.
Include the person you are speaking with in the solution. “I think if we do this, it will work better.” Or “Let us try it this way.” The approach can be key to making a complaint work for you.
When a situation is solved to your satisfaction, make sure to say thank you. It will go a long way when and if you have to deal with the same people on another occasion.