Argentina to start 2015 with lapdogs, dollar reserves flying high

Argentina’s dollar reserves and the country’s notoriously spoiled lapdogs will both be flying high as 2015 gets underway, according to President Cristina Fernandez, even if the economy remains a mess.

The two-term leader focused her year end statement on her Toy Poodle, Lolita, and the fact that recent government efforts to reverse a decline in reserves had worked.

On the president’s Facebook page [], the white-furred pooch sits prettily in the arms of Fernandez as they fly off on presidential plane Tango 01 for a New Year’s break in Patagonia. In January she said passengers on state-owned Aerolineas Argentinas, the country’s largest carrier, will also be allowed to bring small pets on board.

“Careful! I said only small pets,” the post says. “Don’t try to board with a 50 kilo mastiff. Lolita only weighs two kilos.”

The post got more than 36,000 ‘likes’. Lapdogs are a status symbol in Argentina, dressed sometimes in fitted sweaters emblazoned with colors of their owners’ favorite soccer club.

“And oh yes, I almost forgot, we’ve come to $31.4 billion in central bank reserves,” the post goes on, marking a 2.7 percent rise during the year.

Wall Street had predicted a reserves crisis when Argentina entered its latest round of defaults in July.

“Remember the newspaper headlines announcing a drop in reserves and all the other catastrophes that were forecast for the end of this year?”



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