Are You Popular with Your Employees? How to Tell If You Are Not

Being a good bossBeing a bad boss can be bad for business.

According to experts, bad bosses cost billions of dollars each and every year. In fact, studies show that American companies spend at least $360 billion each year in health care costs as a result of productivity losses, stress-related health expenses and employee turnover.

Evidently, a bad manager can make everyone suffer. Everyone from the employees to the business owners can be affected when bad managers are allowed to run free. Even the business itself may, ultimately, be affected by having an incompetent manager on board.?

On the other hand, a good manager can build confidence in the workplace, and inspire employees to work diligently and effectively to produce the desired results. In addition, a good boss gains the respect of the business owners and employees, and is fondly remembered for her distinctive qualities even after she’s left the organization.

Needless to say, being a good boss is better than being a horrible one ? both for your sake and for the benefit of everyone else around you. So, are you a good boss or do you make your employees squirm when they see you walking through the door? Here are some subtle indications that can help you determine if you are popular with your employees or not.

Your employees keep information to themselves. If you usually find yourself in a situation that prompts you to ask why no one told you about it earlier, then you may not be as popular with your employees as you think. It is possible that your employees want to protect themselves from your wrath so they would rather withhold information than tell you about the problem.

They don’t look you directly in the eye. If your employees avoid eye contact, and appear nervous and fidgety when you are having a conversation with them, it may be because they are not comfortable talking to you or they find you intimidating.

Your employees cannot wait to get out the door. You’ll know that you are a bad boss when no one hangs around at work a minute later than they are supposed to finish their day. Chances are, they cannot wait to get away from you.??

You have not been asked to mentor anyone. People want to learn from great leaders. If no one asks you to be their mentor, then there is definitely something wrong with the way you handle your people.

You think you are a great leader. If you cannot see any gaps or flaws in your management style, then you probably have some serious problems. Remember, great leaders are humble enough to know that there is always more to learn.

While some people don’t care how their employees see them as long as they get their job done, being a good boss and maintaining a good relationship with your staff will definitely bring in better results and help you achieve your business goals.