Are You Born An Entrepreneur? 5 Signs That You Are

Some people are born to be an entrepreneur.

While the jury is still out on whether some people are born to be entrepreneurs or are created through education and experience, it is interesting to note that these people share several characteristics that set them apart from the rest. In fact, several studies suggested that there may be an entrepreneurial gene that determines whether a person will be a successful business owner or is destined to work in the sidelines. So, are you born to be an entrepreneur? Here are some personality traits that may indicate that you are.

5 Signs that You Are Born to be an Entrepreneur

  • You are not afraid to take risks. Entrepreneurs are fearless people. They believe that they would not enjoy the rewards if they don’t take the risk.
  • You are extremely competitive. Entrepreneurs enjoy showing off their successes and would not give up until they are on top. They have the unrelenting desire to be the best of the best, exhibit a passion for hard work and would never get tired of looking for ways to outdo the competition.??
  • You have a rebellious streak. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to break the mold. They are not afraid of taking the leap into the unknown and even welcome the possibility of encountering new challenges.
  • You have an extremely curious nature. Their inherent curiosity drives most entrepreneurs to success. Most successful entrepreneurs start their businesses by finding problems to solve or challenges to overcome. They do not hesitate to ask questions and relentlessly look for ways to solve these perceived problems. They are always willing to accept new ideas and are open to new experiences.
  • You are adaptable. Needless to say, it takes a special kind of person to navigate through our changing economic environment with grace and confidence. It takes a special breed of people to persist through these challenges and still come out victorious in the end. And this is what separates entrepreneurs from the rest.

According to Psychology Today, entrepreneurs are not afraid to work long hours, can easily adapt to changing circumstances, and have the ability to handle failure. In addition, they have the burning desire to be the center of attention but are not seeking for the approval of others.

On top of it all, entrepreneurs are extremely focused. They can keep their eyes on the big picture despite all the challenges that come their way, and can successfully see their vision through to the end.