Are You Being Overlooked at the Office?

successWhen Michelle was hired as a senior product-designer for a software company based in Portland, Oregon, she was very optimistic. She was promised that, with hard work, promotions would not take long and that she would be given creative freedom. With this understanding in mind, Michelle set out to give this new job her very best effort. There were plenty of late nights at the office and work done at home on the weekends.

As it turns out Michelle did not receive any promotions after going above and beyond in her job for two straight years. Her superiors had continually overlooked her and seemingly abandoned the promise of promotion made to her upon being hired. Michelle ultimately decided to take her experience to a competing software company where she was hired as a director, a position that came with a significant salary increase.

For those currently feeling unappreciated in your current position, here are some things you can do to help secure your desired position and salary.

Speak up – If you are being repeatedly overlooked for promotions, sometimes the only way to change things is to speak to management. Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, be willing to stand up for what you believe you deserve.

Provide proof – It won’t be enough to go in and say, “I deserved that job.” Instead you should have facts and figures prepared which concretely show your contribution to the company. Who can dispute facts staring at them?

Be prepared to leave – It is possible that even after you have approached management with your concerns, they could choose to still do nothing. At this point you have to be prepared to do what Michelle did and take your talents to another company willing to pay you what you are worth.

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