Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

As with many of these types of questions, the answer obviously lies somewhere in the middle.

Speaking at a Barclays Bank hosted debate in London, speakers were divided as to what the exact percentage was. But most agreed that an entrepreneur was more made than born.

It?s a matter of nature versus nurture, said Jamal Edwards, founder of SB.TV, an online youth-oriented broadcaster. He reckoned that an entrepreneur was 5% born with innate abilities and 95% made by life experiences.

Many entrepreneurs get started on their path when they come up with ideas and are prevented from implementing them. For example, Edwards said he worked at HMV when at school and was frustrated by the chain of command that separated his ideas from implementation.

Edwards?s opinion was similar to that of many of the entrepreneurs present. But Doug Richards, founder of School for Start-ups and former investor on the TV show, Dragon?s Den, went further.

?I wholly reject the idea that entrepreneurs are born,? he said. ?It would be one of the most limiting ideas and it would be a real shame if it was true. To my mind, that we?re even still discussing whether an entrepreneur is born or made is sad.?



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