Are Emoji Passcods A Good Idea?

EMOJIAS MUCH FUN as it might be to use see no evil monkey, flushed face, weary cat face and that weird emoji that looks like The Scream as a PIN, it may not be the best idea from a security standpoint.

Wait. What? Emoji as a PIN? Yep.

On Monday, U.K.-based Intelligent Environments announced a new tool via its Android banking app that will let users log into their bank account using emoji instead of the typical four-digit PIN. A short demo video makes the app look a lot like any other four-digit code entry system but with emoji instead of numerals.

This is much more than a digital novelty for the smartphone age. From a security standpoint, users can choose a combination from 44 emoji instead of 10 digits, meaning there are 480 times as many permutations as there are with a standard four-digit PIN. Technically, this makes Intelligent Environments? app is mathematically more secure.

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