Apple Watch Is Half Computer Half Jewelry

APPLEWe, the people, have made it clear that we don?t want smartwatches.
They, the watches, have been available for more than a year, courtesy of
titans like Google, Samsung, and LG. But so far, the only wrists
bearing them belong to former members of high-school A/V clubs.

has the nerve to think it can do better. It believes it can make the
smartwatch a mass-market phenomenon, much as it did with digital music
players, tablets, and touchscreen phones.

A lot more is riding on
the arrival of the Apple Watch than how you?ll use it to check your
incoming text messages. The Apple Watch is the first truly new product
from Apple since Steve Jobs died. Millions of people have been asking
since then, ?Can Apple still make hits without Jobs??
We?re about to find out.

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