Apple sued for making the iOS 8 update too big

Remember the collective Internet freakout over the massive iOS 8 download?

Well, now that freakout has taken the form of a lawsuit. Specifically, a class action suit filed in the United States District Court in San Francisco Tuesday, which claims Apple misled users about the size of the iOS 8 update. Two individuals are named in the suit, both from Miami.


The suit focuses on users with 8 GB and 16 GB devices, who are most affected by the unwieldy iOS 8 download since they lose a significant portion of their storage capacity when they upgrade, according to the suit.

“iOS 8 uses an unexpectedly large percentage of the storage capacity on 8 GB and 16 GB iPhones, iPads and iPods,” the lawsuit alleges. Apple, it says, “fails to disclose to consumers that as much as 23.1% of the advertised storage capacity of the Devices will be consumed by iOS 8 and unavailable for consumers when consumers purchase Devices that have iOS 8 installed.”

As a result, one of the plaintiffs in the suit “upgraded to iOS 8 with the belief that the upgrade would not substantially inhibit his available storage capacity.”



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