Appl TV To Be Unveiled

APPLE tvThe details of Apple TV?s new iteration, which will make its debut at the Apple event on September 9, continue to trickle out. Given what we’ve heard thus far, the company is essentially infusing Apple TV with functions already found in competitors like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, all while putting Siri?s contextual technology and Apple?s marketing muscle behind the product.

As BuzzFeed confirmed on Wednesday, the new Apple TV will have a steeper price tag of $149 and feature both universal search across different streaming platforms and a high-powered chipset designed to browse huge streaming video libraries. Apple is thought to be using Apple TV as a way to rapidly acquire customers for its upcoming subscription video streaming service, as well as expanding its foothold in the “connected home” market.

TechCrunch reports that another big change will be Apple TV’s remote control; it is expected to have a microphone for Siri integration, physical buttons on the lower half, a top touchpad, and motion sensors embedded throughout the remote control. This should allow Apple to position its remote control as something similar to a Wii controller, expanding the market for casual iOS gaming onto your television screen.

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