Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women


womenSmart and savvy business owners from all across the U.S. will attend the 3rd Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women hosted by the Network for Women in Business.  This year’s business marketing and sales training event will take place on Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 9am to 5pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 900 Spring Street in Elizabeth, NJ 07006.
This year’s Boot Camp theme is S3 – Sales, Systems and a Subconscious Breakthrough.  Attendees can will learn from seasoned professionals at conference sessions with topics such as, Get Ready for Your Subconscious BREAKTHROUGH!; Leverage the Power of Productivity – Let’s Become More Productive! Let’s Get   Focused!; Marketing Systems to Grow Your Business; Productivity through Technology for the Non-Tech Savvy and a motivational keynote by the empowerment specialist and host Toni Coleman-Brown entitled,  It’s Your Time to Win! One thing that will be notably different about the event is the inclusion of men; as this year the lineup of speakers includes several distinguished gentlemen.   Most successful businesses have no gender.  Men do business with women and vice versa, so business men are encouraged to attend, learn, share and network. 
The home-based business owner is often overlooked at sales and marketing events like this, which is why Toni Coleman Brown, event founder and producer will be leading a hands on workshop for home-based business owners and network marketers.  This workshop will be based on her popular book, Quantum Leap:  How to Make a Quantum Leap in your Network Marketing Business.
For the past three years, the Network for Women in Business has helped countless women increase their bottom line by hosting events like the Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  The Network for Women in Business was founded by business coach, author, motivational speaker and marketing genius, Toni Coleman Brown.  Since its inception, the organization has grown to well over 2,000 members and over 25,000 Facebook Fans and social media followers.  The mission of the Network for Women in Business is to provide innovative, cutting-edge and affordable training solutions to women business owners.  The purpose of the organization is to train, connect and advance women business owners world-wide.