Anitra C. Marsh

Anitra C. Marsh
Anitra C. Marsh

Global Associate Director
Brand Communications and Sustainability
Skin and Personal Care
Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, Ohio

By the time Anitra C. Marsh entered Hampton University, she had decided on a career in communications. “I have loved the art and science of communications since I was 10 years old,” she admits. Through her grandfather’s friendship with the editor of the local newspaper, she had the opportunity to observe the news operation, including shadowing reporters and sitting in on editorial meetings. Others, especially some in her family, tried to dissuade her from a communications career. “I was told to get a ‘real’ major because communications jobs don’t make money,” she recalls. She graduated from Hampton, magna cum laude, with a bachelor’s in mass media arts. “I studied what I love, I now do what I love, and guess what? I make money doing what I love.”

Marsh is the global associate director of brand communications and sustainability for Procter & Gamble’s Skin and Personal Care business, which includes such brands as Olay, Old Spice, Safeguard, and Secret. She works with a team to improve the environmental and community impact of P&G brands, leads diversity efforts for communications, and participates in the leadership of the company’s African Ancestry affinity group. Hailed as a top woman in public relations, she serves on the board of The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) to help increase the presence of multicultural talent in advertising, marketing, and PR.

Marsh tries to make time for other passions. “I just started a foodie Instagram account, @anitras_kitchen, and am having a blast sharing my dishes with the masses,” she reveals. She wishes she had more time to devote to her “life mission to connect people, break down barriers, and bring happiness to the world,” and to publish a book. “My day job keeps me busy right now so there is not much time for creative writing, but it is a passion of mine,” she confesses.