Android vs. iOS: Which One Should You Choose?

android vs ios, android tablet, ios tabletAndroid or iOS? Take your pick

In the Android vs. iOS war, which one gets the upper hand? According to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Android is clearly taking the lead in the operating system market. Well, if you think that this is a bit biased, you need to know that this claim is backed with solid evidence. New data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Android garnered 75% of the world’s smartphone share while iOS came as a poor second with 14.9% of the market share.?

What tipped the scales in Android’s favor? Here are some factors that contributed to its success.
It is available on multiple devices and multiple price points. The mere fact that Android is available on a variety of mobile devices from a number of manufacturers gave it a very big advantage over iOS. Add this to the fact that almost anyone can afford an Android phone and you can see why iOS is in for such a tough competition. Needless to say, the iPhone and iPad line up is clearly no match for this one.
It provides a high degree of customization. The Android’s ease of customization is yet another factor that tipped the scales in its favor. With Android, you can customize almost everything ? from live wallpapers to widgets, custom launchers and custom ROMs. With Android, you can even integrate your Facebook contacts on your phonebook. What more can you possibly ask for?
It is deeply integrated with Google. Android’s integration with Google products and services is definitely one of the main reasons why it has become what it is right now. After all, Google still remains to be the undisputed King of the web, right??
It comes with more free apps and games. Android offers more free apps and games as compared to iOS. Who wouldn’t want such features?
It continues to evolve. The Android has definitely come a long, long way. The development team behind this mobile operating system is determined to take it way past its limits and has taken care of the earlier weaknesses that came along with it. While the iOS stays put with its “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality, the Android has already evolved at an astonishing rate.
While the Android clearly wins along these departments, there are some areas where iOS reigns supreme. For one, Apple’s new panoramic feature trumps over Google’s camera app. Apple’s security features and its accessibility features for the vision, hearing and learning-impaired individuals also beat the competition.
So, have you made your choice?