Android Health and Fitness Apps: Getting Back Into Shape in 2013

Health appsUse Android apps to get back into shape.

Are you planning to adopt a healthier diet, watch your caloric intake, monitor your fitness activity level and lose excess weight? If you are, then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of cool health and fitness apps available for your Android smartphones. And whether you want to keep your fitness goals and accomplishments to yourself or would like to share your experiences with a community of supportive people, there is a corresponding health and fitness app that can help goad you into action.

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android Smartphones

My Fitness Pal. This free app allows you to track your caloric intake and physical activity. By using this app, you can be sure that you will stay on track with your fitness goals no matter where you are. If you like what this app does but are looking for other alternatives, you may also want to consider Lose It! and MapMyFitness+.

Fitness Buddy. This amazing app features more than a thousand exercises and 45 tailored workouts so you can choose exercises and workout plans that will suit your needs. ?

Zombies, Run! Staying fit has never been easier with this app. Zombies, Run! is an interactive game that will motivate you to run farther and faster.?

Fitocracy. Motivate yourself to lose weight faster through the power of gamification. Fitocracy does not only provide you with enough information to guide you through your weight loss journey. It also helps you track your progress and awards points for each activity you complete and helps you unleash your competitive nature by taking part in challenges and one-on-one duels.?

You Are Your Own Gym. This app features more than 200 exercises that you can do wherever you are. And no, you don’t need any gym equipment to do these exercises.

Office Yoga. You can use this app to turn your workspace into your very own yoga workout space. Office Yoga features useful text, pictures and a low key audio guide to help you counter everyday aches and pains. If you’re into yoga, you may also want to check what Pocket Yoga and Yoga Studio can do for you.

Fooducate. This app was designed by dietitians and concerned parents to take the pain out of decoding nutrition facts and product labels and to make sure that you can stay fit and trim without dieting. With Fooducate, you can use your smartphone to scan a product barcode and see whether the item you have at hand can really be good for you. The app will analyze the product ingredients and help you see what the manufacturers don’t want you to notice.

Charity Miles. Would donating to charity every time you do your workout encourage you to stay on track with your fitness goals? If so, then this is the perfect app for you!

Without a doubt, using the best health and fitness apps can help you reach your fitness goals faster and more effectively so feel free to choose the ones you would like to use.