Andre 3000 to Play Hendrix in New Biopic

Andre3000Andre Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000 of the hip-hop duo Outkast, will play the legendary Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic titled “All Is by My Side.” Despite a prior dispute with the guitarist’s estate last year, the movie will reportedly begin shooting at the end of the month. The feature film will be written and directed by John Ridley, whose previous works include the screenplays for “Red Tails,” “U-Turn,” as well as story credit on David O. Russell’s “Three Kings.”

According to a report from the Irish Film and Television Network published on Monday (May 7). ?All Is By My Side? will focus on Hendrix’s time in London from 1966 -1967, when he created his debut album ?Are You Experienced?? The film will begin with Hendrix being discovered in a New York club, and then being introduced to Chas Chandler, a manager, who brought Hendrix to London to record.

Benjamin, who has acted alongside several Hollywood stars, has previous movie roles in films such as ?Four Brothers? and ?Idlewild.? Benjamin is a guitar player himself and has had a number of worldwide hits including ?Ms Jackson? and ?Roses? and is now embarking on new territory and taking on more roles as an actor.

According to an MTV News article, senior writer Gil Kaufman says Benjamin?s artistic sensibility and devotion to his craft is what makes Benjamin a perfect match for the role. ?He’s proven over and over with his many note-perfect, bulls-eye features on songs since he stopped recording his own albums, when he shoots, he shoots to kill,? said Kaufman.

The Huffington Post audience believes Benjamin will do a great job as Hendrix. ?I lived through and witnessed Hendrix’s peak years, saw him several times, appreciated the genius and trailblazer that he was. I just hope they do justice to him and don’t feel too obligated to rewrite history. The actual history is compelling enough. I clicked on this story and was glad to see Andre’s name attached to the project,? said one of the eager fans on the blog.?

Another post read, ?This is totally the most perfect match visually. I know Andre can act; this movie will be off the charts. I don’t think anyone could ever look more like Hendrix or portray him on film. This film could never be done believably without Andre. He has the swagger and persona of Hendrix, all the way. This, I’m sure, will be an awesome film.?

The Network Journal has reached out to Benjamin’s representatives about the report, but has not received a comment. People are happy to hear about this biopic, are excited and can?t wait to see the film.

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