Anatomy Of A Business Breakthrough

For every size business, there is a thirst and at times a significant or urgent need for a breakthrough. So how do entrepreneurs “will” a breakthrough to happen? Today I interviewed serial entrepreneur Patrick Gentempo, in New Jersey, who recently sold his largest business (a chiropractic practice) to embark on his newest venture, Action Potential Holdings, to study, coach and share ideas with others about business “as an art form,” he says.

We’ve all read and heard about the legends of the great eureka moments that have changed business and history. The inventor who makes an amazing discovery after thousands of failed experiments. The business innovator struggling to gain traction who suddenly bursts onto the scene with the magic ticket to fame and success, or even the blue-chip company whose stock declines and then suddenly develops an idea or an efficiency that propels its market success and stock to new highs.

Are these scenarios random good luck? A by-product of intense commitment and work? Or the outcomes of particular levels of genius?

After 25-plus years of entrepreneurship that includes great successes and bitter failures, Gentempo has studied these questions with the hope of finding some kind of underlying formula that could be consistently reproduced. His result was less complicated than he’d thought.

“The Anatomy of a Breakthrough” goes like this: Intention, then

Peel off the layers, then Outside inspiration, and voila. Breakthrough.


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