An Envelope Containing Cyanide Delivered to the White House

The White House Once more, the White House is at the center of mayhem and mishap.? Last week two senior Secret Service agents?one of whom is a top member of President Obama?s protective detail?reportedly after a night of drinking crashed his car into White House security barricades.
On Monday, according to a story posted on The Intercept, an envelope was sent to the White House mail facility that later tested positive for cyanide.? The return address listed on the envelope, an internal law enforcement document stated, was from a man with a record of sending such dangerous and nasty letters and packages since 1995.? One of them included a package covered with urine and feces.

According to the law enforcement alert, ?An envelope containing an unknown milky substance, in a container wrapped in a plastic bag, received at the White House Mail Screening Facility, tested positive for Cyanide.?

The envelope arrived at the screening facility on March 15 but the biological testing the following day was negative.? But on Tuesday, the chemical testing results were positive for Cyanide.

Another test is being conducted at another lab.

It seems not a week or two goes by without some incident occurring at the White House?from folks attempting and sometimes succeeding climbing over the fence and making their way into the White House, to drones landing on lawn, or someone firing shots from a passing car into the side of the building.

And the lapses on part of the agents assigned to protect President Obama are becoming more troubling with each new incident.? Last September while the President was visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, a man with a gun rode the elevator with him.? Like the man who scaled the White House fence, he eluded the agents and was close enough to the President to shoot him.