Amy Ellis-Simon

Amy Ellis-Simon
Senior Relationship Manager, Institutional Securities Group
Morgan Stanley
New York, N.Y.

As a senior relationship manager with Morgan Stanley?s Institutional Securities Group, Amy Ellis-Simon helps her clients to maximize opportunities arising from their business objectives by connecting them with the firm?s many resources. ?It?s exciting work,? she says. ?Morgan Stanley has incredible people who are constantly generating innovative ways to solve business problems for governments, institutions and individuals. I most enjoy working with my fellow senior relationship managers to leverage these solutions and position clients for success as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the finance world together,? she explains.

Ellis-Simon, whose parents were teachers, earned a bachelor?s degree in history at the University of Michigan. Each of her job experiences has been an opportunity for learning, opportunities she relished, she says. ?I view change as one of my great educators. I?ve been fortunate to have had varied experiences in dynamic times,? she notes. ?I also have been so lucky to have had great mentors and teachers guide me along the way.?

Ellis-Simon demonstrates her passion for education through her role as an alum and board member of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. It?s an organization that?s very meaningful to me; it has supported the educational and career development of more than 12,000 young people. I have been honored to work with professionals across the financial services community to grow the organization?s reach and effectiveness,? she remarks. ?It?s also a great window into the incredible talent pool that is being readied to join the workforce. We have many reasons to be optimistic,? she adds.

A self-described avid student of history, Ellis-Simon acknowledges that she has much more to discover and study. ?I didn?t know about the young Black women at NASA portrayed in the film ?Hidden Figures.? That?s what?s so fascinating about history. There are incredible stories we have yet to unearth,? she says.