America’s Wire Reaches Distribution Arrangement With NNPA

    America's Wire Reaches Distribution Arrangement With NNPA

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    **America's Wire Stories Will Be Transmitted To More Than 200 Black Newspapers **

    WASHINGTON, May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — America's Wire announced today that it has reached a distribution agreement with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), the nation's largest and most prominent news service for African American community newspapers. ?Under the agreement, stories produced by the award-winning reporting and editing team at America's Wire ( will be available to media outlets that subscribe to NNPA.

    "As an independent, non-profit source for news and information, we want to thank NNPA for the opportunity to expand distribution of our articles," said Michael K. Frisby, President of America's Wire. ?"This will be a win-win for America's Wire and NNPA papers. Our stories report on structural racism in America and its impact on communities of color. ?This partnership will provide the readers of NNPA newspapers with critical news and information about their communities." ? ?

    Dorothy R. Leavell, NNPA Foundation Chairperson, said, "We are pleased to provide our member newspapers the opportunity to carry the research articles that America's Wire provides. ?We are sure that the readers of our publications will find the information enlightening and useful. ?This added service is provided by the NNPA Foundation, who hosts the NNPA News Wire service." ?

    America's Wire provides newspapers, community papers, websites, ethnic publications and wire services with comprehensive stories about communities of color. ?America's Wire provides a minimum of two enterprise stories a month reported and written by our award-winning reporters, Kenneth Cooper and Marjorie Valbrun. We also provide articles by freelance writers, as well as commentaries from experts on a variety of topics.

    Stories currently available from America's Wire include:

    • A study on mortgage discrimination against Blacks and Latinos
    • Efforts to include more people of color in genetic research
    • A report on hospital closings in minority communities
    • Marisa Trevino's commentary on increases in hate crimes against Latinos
    • The impact of black prosecutors across the country
    • Q & A with Shirley J. Wilcher, director of American Association for Affirmative Action
    • The impact of residential segregation on health outcomes
    • Conservatives blaming the poor for being poor
    • The declining number of black males at colleges and universities
    • Tim Wise, a white crusader against racism
    • States easing restrictions on ex-convicts
    • The Food Stamp ban on ex-drug offenders
    • The housing crisis faced by Native Americans
    • The ineffectiveness of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission

    These stories are available free of charge. ?Go to, sign up for a free trial subscription and media outlets can download our stories and publish them free of charge.

    Recently, America's Wire also reached a distribution agreement with the Associated Press, which makes America's Wire articles available to AP member media outlets.

    America's Wire is operated by the Maynard Institute's Media Center on Structural Racism. Our news service provides enterprising content for wire services, mainstream newspapers, ethnic/community papers, magazines and websites. The professionally reported, written and edited stories help readers comprehend the challenges that people of color face from racial injustices. ?America's Wire is made possible through a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

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