American Express Open Forum and Black Enterprise Magazine Feature Business Expert and Author Dr. David Washington

    American Express Open Forum and Black Enterprise Magazine Feature Business Expert and Author Dr. David Washington

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    RALEIGH, N.C., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –?Dr. David Washington, Managing Partner of Washington & Company and author of Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life, was recently consulted for his advice by American Express Open Forum and Black Enterprise Magazine.

    The American Express Open Forum quoted Dr. Washington for the recent story "5 Leadership Lessons from Successful Small-Business Owners." Dr. Washington spoke about the role of communicating clear vision and goals.

    Dr. Washington stated, "Much time is wasted in the entrepreneurial process, because the entrepreneur is not clear on the desired outcome." He continued, "The lack of clarity is then passed down to the followers, which results in missed objectives."

    Dr. Washington adds to the leadership lesson with the following points:

    • Speak plainly – As the leader of an entrepreneurial organization, it is important to communicate to be understood without all the corporate-speak. State your vision, goals and desires in a clear and unambiguous manner for maximum impact.
    • Be passionate – Your followers are going to be as passionate as you are. It is critical to display your passion about the venture and the people helping to execute the vision.

    Dr. Washington was consulted for his advice to a health club in the March edition of Black Enterprise Magazine. In the article, he explained the importance of branding and customer incentives programs for the entrepreneurial ventures.

    Dr. Washington also adds the following points:

    • Backward plan the venture – Backward planning means starting the planning process from the end and working backward. This is a dynamic way to plan, because you have an opportunity to think about the resources, tools and processes that are needed to complete a project. Backward planning will help you move forward faster.
    • Know your numbers – Many entrepreneurial ventures fail, because the entrepreneur does not know the numbers associated with their area. Basic data gathering about your target market, industry averages and return on marketing investment can help a venture grow and sustain forward trajectory. Also, the data will highlight unprofitable and unproductive practices.

    Dr. Washington has also been honored with the Best Business Book of the Year at the Los Angeles Book Festival for his book, Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life.

    "Dr. Washington's book is a must-read in these difficult economic times. Inspiring and enlightening, it shows you that the power to change your situation is totally under your control," stated Bruce Haring, Managing Director of the Los Angeles Book Festival.

    "I am so happy the book appealed to the judges and made an impact," explains Dr. Washington. "The book is also competing in the New York and San Francisco Book Festivals and I hope that it has a good showing as it has had in Los Angeles."

    The book is available exclusively through for retail markets.

    About Dr. David Washington

    Dr. David Washington is the Managing Partner of Washington & Company, a business consultancy and training company. He has worked with various corporate and social organizations. He is a former faculty member of the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, where he received the Outstanding Teacher and the SGA Distinguished Professor Awards. Prior to his work in academia, Dr. Washington was a Noncommissioned Officer in the U.S. Army. He holds a MBA from Webster University, MSA from Central Michigan University, and Ph.D. from North Carolina State University. His passion is to educate, encourage and entertain people to reach their full potential.

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