America?s Top Ten Social Media Sweethearts

Best media sitesMid-second quarter 2013 research results performed by Experian Hitwise produce the following pecking order:

Site:????????????????? US Market Share of Visits:

Facebook??????????? 57.1%

YouTube???????????? 24.7%%

Twitter?????????????? 1.60%

Pinterest??????????? 1.17%

Yahoo Answers??? 1.14%%

LinkedIn???????????? 1.03%

Google +??????????? 0.77%

Tumblr?????????????? 0.52%%

Tagged?????????????? 0.51%

Instagram ? ? ? ?? 0 .43%

These must-go-to sites for Americans and, as the market share percentages reveal, the rest of the Internet-connected global community offer distinctive online experiences.? These distinctions provide the possibility of a foothold into national markets, given an effective value proposition.

Facebook, c. 2004, offers photo, video, event notification, Deals?, and updates to people, businesses and institutions.? It receives 1.11 billion monthly active users around the world; and 751 million mobile monthly users. Facebook?s About page records $1.46 billion in revenue, which is an increase of 38% from first quarter 2012?s $1.06 billion.

YouTube, c. 2005, welcomes over 1 billion unique monthly users ?to watch and share originally-created videos?. 70% of YouTube?s traffic is outside of the United States.

Twitter, c. 2006, claims 500 million total users of its 140-character Tweets (i.e., micro-blogging).? The validity of the ?500 million users? count is in question by some quarters due to ?high incidences of fake Twitter accounts?.

Pinterest, c. 2010, claims 48.7 million people create and develop the dream- and story boards of their interest for personal expression and/or business gain.

Yahoo Answers, c.2005, is the community question and answer platform that replaced Yahoo Q & A. Rather than professionals or academicians, a person poses a question to average people.? Those who answer accrue rewards for accuracy and flair of expression.

LinkedIn, c. 2003, has 225 million members located in over 200 countries and territories.? Its mission is connecting professional across the globe.

Google +, c. 2011, has 500 million users wherein most of these users are Gmail, Blogger, or YouTube users.? Google + has amassed a huge following within in a short period of time.? At this rate of account registration, it would surpass Facebook.

Tumblr, c. 2007, claims 108.5 million blogs and 82.1 million daily posts.

Tagged, c. 2004, is described as ?a social discovery network? where over 330 million users in 220 countries access the site to play games, date, and share interests.? Average monthly unique users total 20 million.

Instagram, c. 2010, provides photo-sharing via smart phones and social networking to more than 100 million people.

Hitwise is Experian?s online media research company.? It uses a sample of ten million United States Internet users on a daily basis to track American social media consumption.? The daily information captured becomes the foundation of monthly and quarterly consumer behavior reports.

Sources: and the social medias? respective websites.