Amazon’s Represent the Future Summit is Back

Amazon Erin Dowell
Erin Dowell, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Amazon’s second annual virtual career enrichment experience to uplift Black, Latinx, and Native American professionals of all backgrounds and levels of experience is happening August 24th & 25th!

At The Network Journalwe are focus on the empowerment and uplift of OUR Black communities. We are constantly looking for ways to bring positive assets and opportunities to all of you. So, when Amazon announced that they were bringing back the upcoming “Represent the Future Summit,” we knew we wanted to partner in getting the word out and connecting our audience to this great opportunity. We spoke to Erin Dowell, who is Amazon’s Global Leader, Diversity Conferences, about the Summit, how it did last year, and their continuing commitment to the Black community.

TNJ: Hello Erin. We’re excited to talk to you today. Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your role at Amazon?

Thank you for having me. I’ve been the leader of Global Events in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion organization at Amazon after (virtually) attending Represent the Future in 2020. oversee the strategic vision and execution of our external events, and I’m responsible for ensuring these experiences are authentic and inclusive for diverse customers, which ultimately strengthens Amazon’s brand trust and standing as an employer of choice in diverse communities worldwide.

TNJ: Amazing. Tell me, was last year’s Summit a success?

My personal story is a great testimony to the power of this program. This time last year, I was attending Represent the Future as a prospective candidate and today, I’m here talking to you.

TNJ: WOW! What an empowering. story. What I love is that you are doing more than just talking the talk, you are really is walking the walk. Can you talk a little about the Summit? What it is and why it is important?

We are very excited about the return of this event. Amazon is hosting its second Represent the Future summit on August 24-25, 2021. Represent the Future is a free, virtual career enrichment experience, designed to uplift Black, Latinx, and Native American/Indigenous professionals. The Summit will offer two days of speakers and sessions highlighting Amazon’s global business ecosystem, customer-obsessed culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the role innovation, invention, and intrapreneurship play in building the future. It’s going to amazing.

TNJ: As a Black woman, you must recognize how decimating these last years have been to our community. What position does Amazon take during what some might call, “Uncomfortable Conversations?”

Simple. The inequitable and brutal treatment of Black and African Americans is unacceptable. Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity with our Black employees, customers, and partners, and are committed to helping build a country and a world where everyone can live with dignity and free from fear.

TNJ: Erin, this has been great. How can our audience participate?

Thank YOU! Visit to register. You DO NOT want to miss this incredible experience.