Introducing the Amazon Fire Smart Phone: A Game Changer for Retailers?

Fire smartphoneEverything You Need to Know About The Amazon Fire Smart Phone

Online retailer Amazon joined the smart phone game with the Amazon Fire smart phone, announced on June 18. The phone ships to customers on July 25. Some have called the newest entry into the smart phone market a game changer for retailers.?

Amazon Fire Smart Phone Specifications

Measuring 5.5 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide, the Amazon Fire smart phone has a 4.7-inch high definition LCD screen with a 1280 by 720 resolution at 331 ppi. The Amazon Fire smart phone is available with memory capabilities that are two to four times (32 and 64GB) larger memory-wise than the industry standard 16GB.

The screen features Dynamic Perspective sensors on each front-facing corner of the phone. These help to create 3D image effects, and makes scrolling through text, switching songs and accessing content nearly hands-free.?

Other Features

The phone also comes with free cloud storage for photographs taken with the Amazon Fire smart phone and content purchased through Amazon. Not only that, but customers who purchase the new smart phone will also get a year?s subscription to the online retailer?s Prime service ? which will allow customers to stream a wide variety of video and audio content, as well as download a book a month from the retailer?s Kindle library. Customers can purchase items with their phones and get two-day shipping free, through the Prime membership program.

One feature on the Amazon Fire smart phone that seems unique is the Firefly technology that allows the smart phone to recognize items ? like artwork and music?and with the touch of a button, customers can search for and purchase those items through Amazon.

The online retailer?s new offering is available with service exclusively through AT&T. ?According to the online retailer, the purchase price depends on the length of the user?s contract with AT&T.