Alternative to Apple?s iPad: Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet

apple ipad, google nexus 7, tablet PCsShould You Choose the iPad or the Google Nexus 7?

If you?re reluctant to buy into the Apple machine or you don?t think Apple products suit your style, you?re fortunately not out of options. Those who are drawn in by the functionality and charm of the iPad can obtain the same basic benefits from Google?s Nexus 7 Tablet with no sense of personal compromise. But are the benefits of these two devices really identical? Let?s take a closer look at what some reviewers have to say.?
Writing on the iPad versus the Google Nexus 7 Tablet
What are your specific goals as you compare the two? Are you trying to maximize the work you can complete while you?re out and about? If so, prop up your Google Nexus 7 and connect it to the Logitech Android Tablet keyboard designed for use with the iPad and available on Amazon for about $50.00. ?
If writing is your primary task, use Evernote if you?re working on the Nexus 7, and iWork apps if you?re using the iPad. In both cases, you can synch your work back to your primary computer for editing. A few other popular writing apps like Documents to Go and QuickOffice work just as well on the Nexus 7 as they do on the iPad. If you?re working on blog posts, you may have some trouble finding a reliable platform on either device. Your best bet will be the Android WordPress app, though even this isn?t ideal for manipulating and inserting photos.?
As with the iPad, you may have trouble manipulating the controls on the bottom of the screen as you prop the Nexus 7 up for work. But most reviewers find the two devices roughly equal as text editing tools while on the go.?

Which Device is Tougher?

As you head out into the world to complete work, stay in touch and manage data, you probably want a device that can stand up to the rigors of heavy use. According to drop tests performed by PC Mag, the Nexus 7 seemed to fare far better after hitting the ground from a reasonable height, with few glass cracking issues and other damage.?
Since drops and spills are the most common form of computer damage, PC Mag also performed dunk tests by immersing the iPad and Nexus 7 in a bathtub. Both sustained minimal damage, though the iPad lost its audio function while the Nexus 7 did not.?
Have you tried either or both of these devices? Which do you prefer and why? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!