Allen Blount, Esq.

Allen Blount, Esq.
Global Risk Manager, Risk & Insurance
S&P Global
New York, N.Y.
Age: 36

Allen Blount always carries a piece of paper with the words of his college religion professor: ?Struggle is a part of life. One who does not struggle has no soul.? They recall his childhood, with a single mother who made him believe he could do or be anything. ?At one point we were homeless. Some days we had no food or ate only one meal. Education was my way out of that struggle,? he recounts.

Blount graduated, magna cum laude, from the University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY), with a bachelor?s degree in criminal justice, and has a law degree from the University at Buffalo Law School, SUNY. He thought of joining the FBI, but some of the professors for his criminal justice classes were lawyers. ?I decided I preferred the legal aspect,? he explains.?Now the global risk manager in S&P Global?s Risk & Insurance unit, Blount works to protect the company from risk litigation and business risk. His turned to insurance after years as a tort and tax attorney with the New York City Law Department. ?The hourly grind was the biggest difference. I have a great life balance now,? Blount remarks. ?When I was practicing law I was trying to get through the day.?

Blount works to diversify and expand career opportunities in the insurance industry as an executive board member of the National African American Insurance Association?s New York Chapter, a founding member of The Water Club and a speaker at high school career days. A health and fitness ?fanatic,? he dreams of starting an organic vegetable and fruit farm to provide meals to underserved New York City public schools. ?So many children are not eating healthy and sufficient meals at home. I really believe it?s an injustice, especially with children who can?t afford healthy meals. That school meal is so important.?