Al Sharpton Rides The Education Super Highway

AlCivil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton has always made it his business to bring to public attention issues that need to be addressed–on both a national and global level. So it comes as no surprise that he is now tackling education concerns head on.

His recently launched weekly syndicated TV program “Education
SuperHighway? focuses on education. Conceived by renowned journalist/TV producer Ruth Adkins Robinson and produced through her company – Different Mojo – with producing partner, Maurice James for ESH Holdings. Robinson is the executive producer and the show’s creator.

The half-hour news segment targets parents, educators and students. Hosted by Sharpton with British personality Jane Notar, the forum-style show will cover educational issues, with political, business and social leaders. Taped in Los Angeles and New York, “Education SuperHighway” debuted on Oct. 10 in more than 160 U.S. markets. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the first guest on the show, which is accompanied by an information magazine. Robinson is also involved in the publication aspect of it all as editor of the Equal Education Chronicles and the Equal Health Chronicles.

For Robinson, the show was the realization of a dream she had years earlier to create such a forum. The timing now seemed ideal for a show on education helmed by Sharpton. “The Education SuperHighway is the first show and seemed a natural fit to the president?s sending Sharpton and Newt Gingrich on a national tour to assess the status of education in America. In an unusual pairing, Sharpton teamed up with Republican former House Speaker Gingrich to push President Obama?s call for education reform. The two toured the country encouraging cities to fix its failing schools. So for Robinson, Sharpton – a longtime associate – seemed like a natural fit for The Education SuperHighway.”

“When I walked onto the set today and saw what I had imagined a year ago come to life, I knew no matter how crazy your dreams are to other people they can come true,” says Robinson. “And to have the opportunity to work with my friend of 30 years, Rev. Al Sharpton, pushes the experience to new heights. I hope my producing partner Maurice James, our cast and crew can help change the face of education in America by all that we do over the next year.”