Aida Moudachirou-Rebois

Vice President, Marketing
L?Or?al Paris Cosmetics, L?Or?al USA
New York City
Age: 33

A native of the West African country Benin, A?da Moudachirou-R?bois moved to France at age 14. The beauty industry soon began to entice the teenager. At that time, she did not fully understand brand loyalty, product positioning, promotion and a host of other marketing terms, but knew that she wanted a career managing beauty products. Years later, she got her first taste of marketing as an intern with L?Or?al in Paris. Today, Moudachirou-R?bois serves as the vice president of cosmetics marketing for the L?Or?al Paris brand, where she develops and executes marketing strategies that promote business growth as well as enhance brand equity and awareness.

Moudachirou-R?bois began her career with global management consultants A.T. Kearney, working as a consultant and focusing on retail clients. She then joined L?Or?al?s rotational training program, which had contacted her. Since that time, she has worked on several consumer product brands and categories, including Garnier, Maybelline and SoftSheen-Carson, in various marketing roles, at various levels and in several European markets. Moudachirou-R?bois moved to the United States in 2009 and later assumed her current role with L?Or?al Paris. Commenting on what drives her success at L?Or?al, she remarks, ?My fuel is my passion for beauty and marketing.? Her career has been very demanding, but because she is doing what she was ?meant to do? she is happy. Fittingly, she advises those at the start of their careers to ?know who you are and know what you want and don?t compromise.?

During her time away from the office, you can find Moudachirou-R?bois in a lyrical or modern jazz dance class. An avid dancer since childhood, she uses dancing as her outlet. Moudachirou-R?bois, who is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Yoruba, earned her MBA from the ESSEC Business School in France. She also holds a degree from the Janson de Sailly in Paris.

Fun Facts
Last movie: The Artist
Countries visited: Benin, Peru, Burma
Languages spoken: Yoruba, French, Spanish