African-Americans Wield Considerable Consumer Power


    Sept. 22, 2011 14:00 UTC

    African-Americans Wield Considerable Consumer Power

    African-Americans? buying power is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by
    2015, according to The State of the African-American Consumer Report,
    released today, collaboratively by Nielsen, a leading global provider of
    insights and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, and The
    National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a federation of more
    than 200 Black community newspapers across the U.S. This growing
    economic potential presents an opportunity for Fortune 500 companies to
    examine and further understand this important, flourishing market
    segment. Likewise, when consumers are more aware of their buying power,
    it can help them make informed decisions about the companies they choose
    to support.

    ?Too often, companies don?t realize the inherent differences of our
    community, are not aware of the market size impact and have not
    optimized efforts to develop messages beyond those that coincide with
    Black History Month,? said Cloves Campbell, chairman, NNPA. ?It is our
    hope that by collaborating with Nielsen, we?ll be able to tell the
    African-American consumer story in a manner in which businesses will
    understand,? he said, ?and, that this understanding will propel those in
    the C-Suite to develop stronger, more inclusive strategies that optimize
    their market growth in Black communities, which would be a win-win for
    all of us.?

    The report, the first of annual installments in a three year alliance
    between Nielsen and NNPA, showcases the buying and media habits and
    consumer trends of African-Americans.

    The 41st Annual Legislative Congressional Black Caucus
    Foundation Conference week?s activities set the backdrop for the
    announcement. Flanked by civic, business and legislative leaders,
    Nielsen and NNPA executives spoke about the relevance and importance of
    the information shared in the report and the fact that it will be
    distributed in NNPA?s 200+ publications, reaching millions of readers
    and online viewers.

    ?We see this alliance with NNPA as an opportunity to share valuable
    insights, unique consumer behavior patterns and purchasing trends with
    the African-American community,? said Susan Whiting, vice chair,
    Nielsen. ?By sharing, for example, that African-Americans over-index in
    several key areas, including television viewing and mobile phone usage,
    we?ve provided a better picture of where the African-American community
    can leverage that buying power to help their communities,? she said.
    ?Likewise, the information points businesses in the right direction for
    growing market share and developing long range strategies for reaching
    this important demographic group.?

    Consumer trends in the report include facts such as:

    • With a buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually, if
      African-Americans were a country, they?d be the 16th
      largest country in the world.
    • The number of African-American households earning $75,000 or higher
      grew by almost 64%, a rate close to 12% greater than the change in the
      overall population?s earning between 2000 and 2009. This continued
      growth in affluence, social influence and household income will
      continue to impact the community?s economic power.
    • African-Americans make more shopping trips than all other groups, but
      spend less money per trip. African-Americans in higher income
      brackets, also spend 300% more in higher-end retail grocers more than
      any other high income household.
    • There were 23.9 million active African-American Internet users in July
      2011 ? 76% of whom visited a social networking/blog site.
    • 33% of all African-Americans own a smart phone.
    • African-Americans use more than double the amount of mobile phone
      voice minutes compared to Whites ? 1,298 minutes a month vs. 606.
    • The percentage of African-Americans attending college or earning a
      degree has increased to 44% for men and 53% for women.

    The report is also available at
    ? Nielsen?s microsite which highlights tailored information to the
    African-American community.


    Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global information and
    measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and
    consumer information, television and other media measurement, online
    intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties.
    Nielsen has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters
    in New York, USA and Diemen, the Nether lands. For more information,


    The National Newspaper Publishers Association, also known as the Black
    Press of America, is a 71-year-old federation of more than 200 Black
    community newspapers from across the United States. Since World War II,
    it has also served as the industry’s news service, a position that it
    has held without peer or competitor since the Associated Negro Press
    dissolved by 1970. In 2001, the NNPA, in association with the NNPA
    Foundation, began building the BlackPressUSA
    ? the nation’s premier network of local Black community news
    and information portals.


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    Source: Nielsen