Affordable Health Care: Looking Ahead in the Health Care Industry

Obamacare October 2013October 1, 2013 marks the opening and implementation of the new Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, in America’s health care maze. Both patients and health insurance companies alike are closely watching this new series of laws and their impact on everyday health needs.

Patients are looking at out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles and access to their favorite health care providers with the new care act. In contrast, health insurance companies are examining their potential patient roster, hoping for a higher ratio of healthy to sickly paying customers. Every person has a unique situation, from preexisting conditions to low paying jobs, requiring a well-designed health care package that remains affordable.

Some patients are perfectly healthy, but need that coverage for accidents or simple infections requiring antibiotics. Those with part-time or low paying wages may qualify for Medicaid as opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Patients making just enough to disqualify them for Medicaid often find themselves without insurance because of soaring rates. With the Affordable Care Act, these low wage earners have a chance at basic coverage without breaking the bank.

Americans with varied salaries, such as freelance artists or college students, look forward to a health care system that has tiers of care based on their current pay range. The idea is to charge what the patient can afford instead of astronomical rates seen in the past.

Patients with ongoing prescription needs, disease survivors and those in current treatment have several options with the Affordable Care Act so they are not buried in medical bills. For example, an elderly patient does not have a reasonable amount of time to pay a six-figure healthcare bill. Prescriptions and ongoing care add up in the long-term as well, requiring some relief through government subsidies.

It is time for a common sense program that benefits all of America to keep everyone healthy at a reasonable price. As the Affordable Care Act takes over, stark and positive changes should be visible in the health care industry.

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