The Advantages to Job Hunting in the Summer

Summer Why You Should be Job Hunting During the Summer

According to conventional wisdom, if you?re in the job market over the summer, you should probably just wait until fall so that employers can have time to return from their vacations. Makes sense right? Wrong! That logic might work for school and colleges, but very few businesses are lying dormant over the summer and at most places, it?s business as usual. Some companies even hire more staff during summer to be ready for new projects in the fall. Here?s why summer is a great time to heat up your job hunt, especially if you are already employed.

  • Less Competition: Thank prevailing wisdom for being wrong, because it means most of your competition will be waiting for fall. We all know that interviewing is often a numbers game, so why not try to interview in summer when the odds are more in your favor? Plus, you could always try to follow up in the fall, earning brownie points for interest and initiative.?
  • Ease of Transition: We?re not denying that summer does tend to slow things down a tad, but that?s a good thing. If you?re coming into a new position, it gives you some breathing room to get used to your new job before things get hectic. If you have kids, it?s also better to choose summer instead of during the school year.
  • Contract-to-hire: A lot of companies hire contract workers over summer to pick up the slack of their regular employees who may be on vacation. If you do a good job and play your cards right, you could find that your contract job turns into a long-term position.?
  • Increased Networking: Summer tends to bring with it a lot of social events like barbeques, block parties, and more. Don?t just spend your time filling up on hot dogs. Get out there and network. You could easily end up meeting someone who gives you a great lead on a new job!