ADP Launches Supplier Diversity Portal


    ADP ?, a leading provider of HR, payroll and benefits administration services, recently launched its newly-customized Supplier Diversity Portal in an effort to identify, build relationships with, and purchase goods and services from certified business enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans, and disabled persons.

    Through the new Supplier Diversity Portal, certified diverse business enterprises can expand their business by completing a profile and becoming a potential supplier to ADP.

    ?Increasing our supplier base by making it more inclusive is good business, ?states Vito Giuliani, Vice President of Corporate Procurement for ADP. ?It enables ADP to obtain high-quality goods and services at competitive prices as we partner with businesses that reflect the local and global multicultural markets we serve.?

    It is ADP?s policy that diverse suppliers have an equal opportunity to participate in its strategic sourcing and procurement process. Companies that seek to do business with ADP must demonstrate the ability to add value, and provide competitively priced high-quality goods and services that are reliable and aligned with our superior level of service. It is important to note that a company?s registration in the new Supplier Diversity Portal does not automatically qualify them as an approved supplier. The registration process is the first step in determining potential suppliers? fit with ADP?s procurement needs.

    ?We are very excited about this new effort to efficiently collect supplier information and expand the roster of quality providers while supporting ADP?s global diversity strategy,? states ADP?s Director of Supplier Diversity, De Asa Brown. ?Our new Supplier Diversity Portal is just the first step in enhancing ADP?s Supplier Diversity Procurement program. The Supplier Diversity Portal is one part of ADP?s Supplier Diversity Procurement program that also includes the creation of a 13-member Supplier-Diversity Task Force, drawn from ADP?s senior management and chaired by Chief Information Officer Mike Capone. Together, these proactive steps ensure that ADP?s Supplier Diversity Procurement initiative is supported throughout the entire enterprise.

    For more information on ADP ?s Supplier Diversity Procurement program as well as to register your company with ADP, visit or call toll free at (866) 888-4026.

    For more information about ADP or to contact a local ADP sales office, reach us at 1.800.225.5237 or visit the company’s Web site at

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