Achieving Workplace Zen

ZENTake a deep breath?literally.

Back in the day, unwinding once the clock hit 5 P.M. meant a pow-wow with coworkers at a local watering hole.

But as work pressures have exponentially increased?admit it, you check office email in bed?lowering your cortisol levels requires more than just a happy hour.

In fact, a study released this year by the Harvard and Stanford business schools found a direct link between work-related stress and serious health issues ranging from hypertension to depression.

?It?s the relentless demand and constant change. There is no coming home and unwinding anymore?only the ever-present struggle to set boundaries for when you?re ?on? and ?off,? ? says Sharon Melnick, a business psychologist and author of ?Success Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure?s On.?

If this all sounds frighteningly familiar, take a deep breath?literally.

Because if you?re finding it exceedingly more difficult to deal with stress at work, you may need to embrace something different. And by different we mean strategies you may have once deemed too ?alternative-y.?

?You can?t manage the things outside of you, but you can manage yourself?your physiology, your psychology,? Melnick says.

To help you do just that, we?ve rounded up five wellness trends hitting the mainstream that are simple enough to execute from a quiet spot in your office.

Although they may seem a bit out there to some?ever heard of tapping??they could be just the thing to help you reclaim the Zen that work zaps out of you.

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