9 Things You Should Stop Paying For Right Now to Save Money

Money matters Be mindful of your spending and don’t pay for something that you can get for free.

While more people are spending less and saving more since the recession, there are still a lot of people who are paying for things they don’t even need. To clean up your spending and take charge of your finances once and for all, here are some of the things that you need to stop paying for right now.

Manage Your Finances Better: Stop Paying For These Things

According to BusinessInsider.com, an increasing number of American households are starting to cancel their cable subscriptions ? and you should, too. There is really no point paying for something that you can get for free so cut the cable right now. If you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, consider downloading your chosen TV and movie app on your smartphone, or watch your favorite shows on network websites instead.

Text Messaging
Instead of paying for texts, you should seriously consider downloading one of the free texting apps on your smartphone. Keep in mind that you should not pay for something if there is a way you can get it for free.

International Phone Calls
With apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Line and Tango Messenger installed on your computer, laptop and smartphone, you don’t need to pay for international calls ever again.

Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Don’t waste your money paying for annual fees. There are a lot of great options out there. You just need to spend some time doing your research.

Extended Warranties
Why pay for extended warranties when studies indicate that products such as appliances rarely break down within this period? However, you may want to consider paying for extended product warranty if you are buying a laptop since these items are more prone to suffer serious damage.

Shipping Fees
It pays to hunt around for free shipping promos, especially when you are shopping online. To make things easier for you, visit sites such as freeshipping.org and retailmenot.com look for free shipping codes that you can use.

Books and Newspapers
With the advent of apps, you don’t need to buy another book or newspaper ever again. While you may need to pay for an ebook, the cost will still be lower than what you would pay for a paperback.

Bottled Water
Studies show that most people spend about 800 times more for bottled water than plain tap water. To save money, don’t buy bottled water. Just buy a filter if you don’t like the taste.

Baby Food
Making your own baby food can be good for your baby’s health. It can also help you save a lot of money. In preparing your own baby food, you simply need to steam your chosen fruits and vegetables, mash it up and serve. You don’t even need any expensive gadgets to get it done.