9 Social Media Tools for Streamlining Multiple Accounts


Q: What is your favorite social media tool for streamlining multiple accounts now, and why?

A: Buffer. “I still believe Buffer is one of the best social media management tools out there and will continue to be so. It’s great for managing both Facebook and Twitter and has a fantastic UX and UI. The built-in analytics, the ease of use, and its ability to manage multiple accounts, make it a winner in my book.” Thomas Smale, FE International

Hootsuite. “I found Hootsuite to be the winner when it comes to a comprehensive social media tool. Aside from the regular functions of posting and responding, Hootsuite offers a unique app directory that supplies access to more than 100 apps like Salesforce and SoundCloud. We also love the assigning feature which allows our social media manager to assign a tweet/mention to a specific member of the team.” Elliot Bohm, Cardcash.com

Sprout Social. “I’ve used every social media tool under the sun and currently have subscriptions to several. Sprout Social has been growing on me and I’m finding it to be one of the easiest platforms to work with, and the dashboard is a favorite of mine. The custom branding option is also key, especially for users that are managing several profiles for multiple clients.” Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media

Edgar. “I’ve been playing around with Edgar lately and see quite a bit of promise. Studies show that users will engage in material that has already been posted, and Edgar intelligently recycles your content to keep your social media posting consistent. You can develop a very sophisticated social media strategy that quickly becomes hands off.” Mark Daoust, Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc.

CoSchedule. “CoSchedule isn’t just social media tool — it’s an editorial calendar with WordPress support. I’m a big fan because it allows WordPress site owners to coordinate blog publishing and social media posting. Articles and their associated social media posts are planned as a single unit, and can be timed for publication together or on a pre-determined schedule.” Vik Patel, Future Hosting

Spredfast. “Spredfast allows you to plan, execute and measure your social media effectiveness with ease. Not only does it allow you to post throughout multiple platforms with the click of a button as well as schedule your posts for days, weeks and months ahead of time, it also focuses on communicating with your audience. Spredfast allows you to easily reply, share and interact with your social network.” Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com

Dlvr.it. “Dlvr.it is a simple way to send your content to multiple social media accounts. You can post from any device or browser to all of your social pages. If you subscribe to one of their premium plans, you also get credits for promoted stories, which can be very useful. I find this to be the most efficient way to broadcast messages and stories across multiple platforms.” Shawn Porat, Scorely

Truesocialmetrics. “Truesocialmetrics is an absolute gem to monitor social media accounts, as well as competitor social profiles. Using TSM I can identify the posts that had the most engagement and best metrics. From knowing the best time to post, to what content types and hashtags have the best performance, it’s a powerful way to curate and fine tune the content shared.” Marcela De Vivo, Mulligan Funding

Hubspot. “HubSpot is fantastic for scheduling all social media posts, monitoring them, then promoting and reporting to help prepare for future posts. HubSpot brings together all of your social media outlets and helps you analyze and optimize the best strategy for posting as well as contributing to social conversations going forward.” Andrew Kucheriavy, Intechnic