9 Quick Tips for Creating More Engaging Customer-Facing Videos

VideoQ: What’s one tip for creating a more engaging video for customers?

Don’t talk about product features.
“Instead, talk about the problem they solve. Walk the customer through a scenario they can relate to. For example, don’t say: ‘Our product is a personal financial management tool which automatically imports bank expenses.’ Rather, say, ‘Meet John. John was spending too much time managing his personal finances. Now John has tons of free time, and his finances are on track.'”

Don’t just point and shoot. “As a video production firm with a diverse client roster, it’s important to dig deep into the clients’ needs. With one client, when we add beautiful cinematography into their video marketing, their results start to plummet, because their customers are distracted by the visuals as it hides the message. The message alone gets them results. It’s important to get strategic and not just point and shoot”

Share your story.
“One of the hottest buzzwords right now is ‘story.’ It’s a part of human nature that has been around since the beginning, making each experience unique, personal and often relatable. Storytelling takes many forms now, and one of the most stimulating is in the form of video. Sharing your story makes your customers trust you and inevitably the product you are selling.”

Make every word count.
“Our experience and research have exposed one primary facet to diligently evaluate: brevity. Make every word count! Your customer’s attention span is constantly dwindling, so focus on clearly and quickly telling a compelling story. Otherwise, you may just miss your only chance. First impressions are everything, but always remember that nobody values John Doe’s time more than John Doe.”

Measure emotions.
“Whether you use facial recognition or social emotive analytics, video content is all about forming emotional connections with customers. Emotional analysis is also one of the few methods that can predict virality to some extent.”

Show and tell.
“Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google? People search YouTube for how-tos and reviews on just about everything. Video gives you an opportunity to visually engage your audience, so don’t just use it as a platform to be a talking head. Show results. Show your product or service. Use the video to your advantage as a visual ‘show and tell.'”

Be cognizant of attention span. “The average attention span of a viewer is now only eight seconds. Keeping that in mind, making the first few moments of your video compelling enough to continue is a must. As you know though, it’s impossible convey your message in that short of a time. Editing the video to reasonable length of under five minutes, and ideally between two and two-and-a-half minutes, is recommended for most audiences.”

Watch for trends.
“As a video production company, this is always at the forefront of our minds: how to create something new and different and still be compelling. In addition to our own creative concepts, we always watch what is trending in fashion, technology and what competitors are doing. Having a sense of where culture and fashion are headed typically helps set the scene for what will help drive engagement.”

Make it relatable.
“Videos that tell the story of a person overcoming a challenge (the so-called ‘Hero’s Journey’) are always more likely to resonate with customers.”

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