9 Hero Traits To Look For When Hiring

heroRecruiting is usually only about filling a set of skills, knowledge, interests, and values. Today, companies want to look for those potential employees capable of driving success in the short term and at the lowest cost which is no easy task, especially when so many factors are in play when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction.

According to recent Gallup poll, 70% of American workers are not engaged at work. Getting employees to engage with the organization requires a large investment in energy, money and effort. At the end of the day, it?s a completely intimate, personal, and unpredictable personal decision and the investment might not get positive results if the company gets it all wrong (and many times, they do). Therefore, hiring people with a professional profile that not only fits the skill set but actually drive success becomes a tall order.

I have studied and analyzed hundreds of professional and non-professional career histories and profiles, and can easily identify that ?it? or set of ?characteristics? that will drive success and business results for an organization. Here are some important traits that I recommend keeping in mind if you want to hire a highly successful individual:

1. Competitiveness

They are competitive with the ?right? people. They want to win but they also understand that gains made by others are also their gains (even if it entails the competition at times). Their pride doesn’t blind them and they don?t feel defeated if they lose a battle. Challenges push them and never hold them back.

They are great mentors and they are not afraid of sharing their knowledge. These are great team leaders who have been able to produce results for other organizations, especially monetary results. Ask the person during the interview about the impact of their performance on business results.

2. See patterns where others see nothing