80 Days Around The World Without Fossil Fuel

FOSSILONE OF JULES Verne?s most popular works will come to life next year, with a decidedly modern twist.

In April, as many as 30 teams will set out from Paris on a race around the world, each aiming to cover 25,000 miles and make it back to the French capital within 80 days?which means covering about 320 miles a day. And they have to do it without burning any fossil fuels.

The ?80 Day Race? obviously is inspired by Verne?s 1873 novel Around the World in 80 Days, in which protagonist Phileas Fogg bets he can circumnavigate the globe in record time, thanks to new technologies like the steam engine.

?New technology allowed [Fogg] to do something really radical,? says race co-founder Frank Manders. ?We are currently now in exactly the same situation.? Electric and fuel cell vehicles are within striking range of internal combustion engine-powered vehicles when it comes to efficiency, range, and cost. An international competition to improve the technology is just what?s needed, he says.

The race will head east out of the City of Light. The exact route hasn?t been decided yet?political realities in Russia and the Middle East make things tricky?but after crossing the Pacific to the northwest US or Canada, teams will head south through Mexico and Central America. Then southward into South America?as far as Brazil or Argentina?before crossing the Atlantic to North Africa or southern Europe. From there it?s a dash back to Paris. Teams will stop in about 15 ?host cities? along the way but are otherwise free to set their own itinerary.

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