8 Ways to Make Your Next Company Event a Huge Success

(Colleagues mingling at an office party event.)


Question: What’s one thing you do to make company events a huge success?

A: Create an inclusive environment. “Whether at my company or events that we’re invited to, we create a safe space for everyone to open up further and do more profound work while we are together. A safer cumulative space enables a freer flow of thoughts and inspires a deeper connection.” Corey Blake, Round Table Companies

Embrace social media. “Encourage attendees to take their phones out, appoint a live spokesperson for the digital audience and have a space in social media. Don’t be afraid to publish a hashtag, use Twitter for Q&A or publish the speakers’ Twitter handles.” Ken Cauley, Advanced Media

Be present and attentive. “It might not seem like a big deal, but being present and not ‘on the job’ is a great way to think strictly about the event at hand. An easy way to do this is by untethering from your phone and email, and staying engaged in the experience and those around you. Get groups talking, mingling and enjoying each other’s company instead of keeping it 100 percent work-oriented.” Kumar Arora, Aroridex, Ltd.

Provide figurative and literal “takeaways.” “Your events should not only leave your employees with fresh ideas and goals but also give them something to physically take away with them. Whether these are items for their desk with your company’s logo or giveaways that they can take home, takeaways and gift bags will make the event that much more memorable in your team member’s minds, and they will create a fun company culture.” Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com

Have great food. “We always try to get locally-made food that people rave about. Along with great craft beer, it really takes our events to the next level.” Thomas Cullen, LaunchPad Lab

Have a great use of space. “A lot of people who host events don’t effectively plan the space for the event. One misstep here can throw off an entire event. Have places for people to sit down. Put a bar near the front as people tend to congregate there and are easily seen by people arriving at the event. Lastly, make sure you get a space that’s easy to fill, yet doesn’t feel overly crowded, which can be uncomfortable.” Andy Karuza, FenSens

Leverage Google Calendar. “We plan our events and send Google calendar invites to people oftentimes three months or more in advance, which drives attendance and helps to eliminate scheduling conflicts. You’d be amazed at how many people just show up simply because it’s already on their calendar.” Brandon Dempsey, goBRANDgo!

Make it about them, not you or the company. “A company event should really focus on leaders showing a vested interest in their team. Dig in and spend quality time with each employee, and plan for company-wide activities in such a way that you can show those team members that you were paying attention and listening during your one-on-ones. It’s extremely gratifying knowing someone spent the time to listen and absorb.” Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker