Traits that Powerful Startup Founders Should Have

Startup founders may be the closest things we have to real life superheros. They seem to work harder and longer than any other employee. That is why we have compiled the following list of eight superpowers that startup founders wish they had. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

  • Superhuman Execution Speed
  • A Resilient Mind
  • The Ability To Control Time
  • Super Salesmanship Abilities
  • To Read Minds
  • Tracking Down Time Wasters
  • To Master The Art Of Influence
  • Infallible Hiring Ability

Superhuman Execution Speed

Being able to make good decisions as quickly as possible is a sought after characteristic. The faster a decision can be made, the faster the team can get to work and begin to execute the plan to completion.

A Resilient Mind

Startup founders will have dozens of highs and lows within a single week. By having a resilient mind that is able to both cope with failures and not allow successes to catch you off guard, you are well on your way to keeping the level head required to be a business owner.

The Ability To Control Time

Startup founders always claim that there aren’t enough hours in a day. If they had the ability to stop time and get more work done, you best believe they would take full advantage of that. Startup founders have no shortage of motivation, but occasionally, time seems to get in the way.

Super Salesmanship Abilities

At the end of the day, the success of a startup is dependent upon how well a product or service is sold. Being the best salesman possible helps develop relationships with new clients as well as maintain and grow existing partnerships to maximize profits for the startup when cash flow is so crucial to early success.

To Read Minds

Understanding the potential customer or business partner that is sitting across from you is crucial to being successful. If you were able to get in the mind of a consumer, you would be able to understand their true wants and desires and be able to best develop and market a new product to reach the largest number of people.

Tracking Down Time Wasters

In a startup, there is no room for slacking off. That is why startup founders want to be able to know what everyone is doing at all times and maximize efficiency. While there is something to be said about giving proper break times to employees, it can not be afforded to employ someone who is consistently wasting company time.

To Master the Art of Influence

Being able to influence someone and get them to agree with your way of thinking is an art form and something that is mastered throughout a long career. The sooner a startup founders polishes this skill, the quicker they can begin to see their ultimate vision through to fruition.

Infallible Hiring Ability

Even the best bosses make mistakes when deciding who to hire. The key is to minimize the number of hiring mistakes by properly vetting candidates, checking with references, and thoroughly questioning a candidate before finally pulling the trigger on hiring them.