8 Good Ways To Rebound From Depression

DEPTwo years ago, I went through a period of depression. At the time, I dealt with it by meeting with a therapist once a week. While you?re depressed, you can?t really feel the depression ? it?s your normal. You just feel as though you?re in the darkness, all the time. I used to call it the Shadowlands, and visualize it as an underground place where everything was dark and flat, as though the world were made up of silhouettes.

It was only when I started getting better, getting through it, that I could feel it ? as a sort of dark cloud that hovered over me, and then near me, and then went away. I would tell my therapist, ?It?s about three feet away now.? Recently, I realized that the cloud was nowhere near me, and hadn?t been for a year. So this is a post on what happens after depression. On where you find yourself once you?ve gotten through it, and what you do from there.

So what happened after my depression? Well, the first thing is that after a while, I started to experience joy. I use that word deliberately. It?s not happiness, although I could?ve been happy, too ? but happiness is a fleeting thing, something you can feel for a little while.

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