How to Strategize on Identifying the Best Mentor for You

You might wonder how mentors have helped impact young professionals on their journey to success. Here are seven strategies for identifying and finding the best mentor for you.

Find your calling

Cynthia Johnson from Bell + Ivy recommends finding someone who excites and motivates you to work hard to achieve your goal. A mentor helps to see where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. They can provide an objective view of your strategy and give valuable advice.

Aligning values

Christine Hassler of Christine Hassler, Inc. notes the importance of finding someone who shares the same values. Find someone who shares the same goals. Someone who wants to make millions might align with your views if you?re striving to make as much money as possible, but if you have a different goal in mind such as creating a difference in the lives of people, you might need to search elsewhere for a like-minded individual.


You need guidance and support from mentors to succeed. Find someone who can help you formulate your solutions. You don?t want someone who gives you all the answers, but instead, need someone who helps you learn how to find the answers on your own, says Milligan Funding?s Marcela De Vivo.


An influential mentor needs to be a leader. Especially as a sole owner, you need to have assistance with creating your goals and get honest feedback, whether it is good or bad. Constructive criticism is a valuable asset that you need to grow and learn on your path to success. Ross Beyeler from Growth Spark says they can serve as a type of boss in a way to hold you accountable to make forward progress.

Let them find you

Matt Siltala of Avalaunch media says that the best mentors he?s come across have come to him instead of him actively seeking a mentor. If you position yourself strategically, you?ll gain notice. Be that employee who arrives before everyone and leaves after everyone to show your ambition. Someone with a similar mindset will notice your drive, especially in the early stages of your career.

Who you want to be

DeepSky?s Michael Hsu feels that you should find a mentor who is what you hope to become or where you want to be in life. They can offer their time to share a wealth of knowledge and advice that you can grow and learn from. A mentor can help motivate you to keep going, even when facing challenges in your personal or professional life.

Someone who pushes it

Someone who sits beside you and moves at the same pace isn?t a mentor. Seek someone who isn?t afraid to challenge you and continuously pushes you to improve in one way or another. Your mentor shouldn?t be scared to give you advice, whether it?s good or bad, and be willing to stand beside and help you with growing pains as you progress, says Leila Lewis from Be Inspired PR.