How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Now?s a great time to start using Facebook to grow your business. To get started, use the following creative tips.

Be imaginative

Anything out of the ordinary will stand out on Facebook. So, go out of your way to invent fanciful content that communicates your message in unusual ways. When you find a new style of content that grabs your audience?s attention, you?ll make their experience memorable.

Supplement email

Create a custom Facebook audience for each of your email campaigns and use it to reaffirm your promotions. When your readers arrive at Facebook from your email messages, they?ll see your offer again and become more likely to take advantage of it.

Monitor groups

People often use Facebook Groups to find the products, services, and solutions that they need and want. When you become part of the conversation, you can add value to the group by sharing your expertise while subtly positioning you and your brand as the perfect choice.

Organize contests

Engage your customers and followers by conducting contests and competitions on Facebook. You can have people post photos that show them using your products or testifying to how your brand has improved their lives. Motivate participants by having one or more valuable prizes at stake.

Get reviews

Encourage your customers to use Facebook?s review feature to describe their experience with your business and their opinions of your products and services. Such reviews will most likely influence prospective uses more than any of your branded marketing messages.

Offer incentives

In addition to your big contests, consider giving away free, low-cost items in exchange for particular actions. These small incentives can help boost sharing, build your email list, increase website traffic and convert your visitors into customers.

Use analytics

Learn about the people who comprise your audience by using Facebook?s Audience Insights. You?ll get data such as demographics overviews, user preferences and lifestyles that you can use to create targeted content that increases the appeal of your brand.

Get Leads

Collect more leads by using Facebook Lead Ads. These nonintrusive ads give people who visit your Facebook profile an easy way to ask for more information. Using Lead Ads, people can join your mailing list, request product information or ask questions without leaving the page.

Retarget users

If you add a Facebook pixel to your website, you can expose your website visitors to your boosted posts for up to three months after their visit. This remarking tactic can increase audience engagement and, therefore, sales.

Value Customers

Customers tend to stay loyal to brands that appreciate them and value their business. Show the world that your company is more about people and profits and watch your customer acquisition rates soar. Gestures such as featuring a different customer every week can make a big difference.

In summary, do everything you can to create a unique and memorable Facebook presence. Use the site to build your brand around people and they’ll reward you by becoming your customers.