Tools that Help Create Lasting Value for Your Content

The blogging landscape continues to change every year. One constant aspect has always been the creation of durable content. With over a billion websites, creation of durable high-quality content is key.

So, if you are new to blogging, you need to understand that it?s not as easy as it used to be. Now, using essential blogging tools is the only way to distinguish you from the rest. These tools will help you create durable high-quality content for your websites.

Feel free to use these tools throughout your content creation process. Within a short period, you will see an ROI increase across the board.

“Top articles” work wonders

With over a billion websites, it is quite hard to have your posts visible to brands. In fact, the greatest challenge is having your older but more valuable posts on top of your websites. Keep in mind, every time you add new content, older valuable posts are push downwards. But new updates on web hosting websites provide you with interesting easy-to-use features. These features keep your older valuable relevant.

For instance, WordPress provides its users with a ?Sticky? option feature. That allows anyone to place valuable content at the top of their page on the right or left hand side. Also, using ?Top Articles? section makes it easy to locate valuable content on your website.

Don’t rule out social media auto posts

Having a blog without a social media account, in today, is a tragedy. This is because there are millions of users on social media. With proper scheduling and usage of the right words, you can leverage traffic. A great way to maximize your advertisements is to schedule content every often (30 to 60 minutes). Remember, consistent posting hooks your readers.

Besides, you can use open source social media scheduling apps on your mobile or PC. After sometime, use these apps to track the progress of your posts. That should help you know when and what kind of posts to make.

Employ the use of infographics

Using text is good, but an exceptional way to drive traffic from social media is through infographics. Infographics are digital images used to represent a certain type of data. Infographics make it easier for readers to skim through your content.

Besides, they are very easy and affordable to make by using tools such as Piktochart. Also, using infographics helps you in promoting your content. You no longer have the only option of social media because you can get a hold of infographics directories where you post your infographic with a link to your blogpost.

Do not forget about podcasts

With more people using devices to surf the internet, podcasts have become the new trend. Not only are there many podcasts shows but listening to a podcast is much easier than reading a book.

Use SEO techniques

Having high-quality valuable content and having them rank on search engine sites like Google are two different things. In fact, posting on social media is not enough. Before churning out content, come up with a list of both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Once you?re done, use these keywords in your article in the right context, and within a short period of time your content will rank on Google.

Create good content

Before coming up with content, you need to determine your reasons behind the idea. If you want to have them published, you are doing it wrong. You should consider publishing content for the sake of helping your readers. That is why you need to use these tools to come up with durable, high-quality content.