What Video Can Do for your Business Strategy

What is a fresh and new way a company can use video services to improve their business strategy?

Show people using your products

Use short video platforms such as Vine to show people using the products in ways images can?t convey. He expects to see many more businesses place live videos alongside product pages to allow buyers to see how they?re used live.

Obtain testimonials

Experts advise businesses to take a few employees and start them on recording testimonials. Put them on YouTube and other social media sites. Set aside a certain amount of time, say 10 minutes, to create an episode on a weekly basis to interview employees and offer new updates about the company.

Utilize Snapchat

Snapchat doesn?t only offer videos through the discover feature. The site wants people to come back again and again. If they do end up letting users subscribe to channels, you need your company to be in the front of the line, especially if Snapchat grows as anticipated this year.

Broadcast webinars

Use Crowdcast to play webinars. A one-way video showing some behind the scenes footage or giving important updates about the business is enough to utilize the platform to engage with fans. You can also save the live content for use on your site for newcomers.

Get feedback through Google Hangouts

You can find great success by creating a panel of experts in the industry to discuss controversial topics. Have one individual moderate the discussion and give each person an opportunity to provide their input. Keep a copy and stick it on YouTube for future viewing.

Record Q&A sessions

Ask experts in your field about relevant topics and using the knowledge to make your video. Read what the expert says, mention their name, and give their social media info to network, improve likes and shares, and show appreciation to those who partake in it.
Use Periscope to create community. Under30Experience?s own Matt Wilson offers some advice. Live stream right from your mobile phone to give others a view of what happens behind the scenes. Create the personality for your brand and build a loyal community.

Use videos to train people

Use videos to create a more engaging and useful training environment. Paper-based training is dull, and videos tend to make the information stick better as they keep interest.

Focus on video as part of your mobile strategy

Most people use their phones for shopping and research and like to watch videos. Put videos in mobile ads, on social media sites, and on your website since videos are more likely to be shared than images.

Live customer service

Live videos help customers who aren?t in-store to learn from the associate. Companies can take advantage of video options to give customers answers to their questions instead of more marketing material.