Streamline your Onboarding Process

Q: What is your preferred web tool to streamline onboarding for your company?

Google for Work

Blair Thomas from eMerchantBroker, says that applications such as Basecamp and Confluence are things of the past. We still use JIRA for project management, but it?s easier to keep a simple collection of required documents. A wiki full of extra information and clutter is counterproductive.


Engelo Rumora from List?n Sell Realty notes that they?ve recently started using the tool to record all processes. New hires don?t need to ask questions every single time about the role since we can send them to watch the videos and ask questions after, eliminating the need to repeat yourself.


Nick Genty from Iconic Solutions likes using Trello cards for new employees to ensure they complete all tasks. It?s a straightforward way to keep the onboarding process streamlined.


Start Ranking Now?s Nicole Munoz mentions the importance of face-to-face onboarding chats. Zoom streamlines the chat and video conferencing into a single platform to make communicating with employees and clients easier.


Asana allows us to utilize a template to create a list of tasks that new hires should complete in their first week of training from reviewing documents to getting keys, says Bhavin Parikh from Magoosh Inc.


Basecamp is an older solution, but it is flexible and simple, making it an excellent tool to use for onboarding. Create new projects, assign roles to employees, and track how they?re doing along the way, says Policy Guru?s Lane Campbell.


Joshua Dorkin from Bigger Pockets touts the benefits of using Zenefits. He claims it streamlined the hiring process and all but eliminated paperwork. The first day of work for many employees is spent filling out one form after another. We can send them an e-mail ahead of time, so they can submit their information directly to payroll and only have to do it once.


Quiet Light Brokerage Inc?s Mark Daoust is intrigued with Streak works entirely in Gmail, which is perfect because 90 percent of the onboarding process occurs through email. The system is very flexible and allows you to retain control over the onboarding process.


New employees and clients need to know the standard operating procedures during onboarding, says Thomas Smale from FE International. Confluence documents our SOPs and gives us room to improve during all phases of the process.


James Simpson from GoldFire Studios stands by Flowdock. It?s a combination of activity on services such as UserVoice or GitHub with team chat integrated. Allow new employees to meet the team and get up to speed on recent changes, news, and developments within the company.


Slack allows new employees to feel like part of the team, says Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences. Using the app, we can connect employees all over the world. They can ask questions, understand the company environment, and obtain access to essential documents.


A subscription to LegalZoom is significantly cheaper than hiring an attorney, notes Obinna Ekezie. LegalZoom provides all the legal forms necessary to onboard including non-disclosures, non-competes, or stock options.