Desirable Qualities that C-Suite Hires Possess

Finding your next C-suite executive can be a challenge. While academics debate whether leaders are born or made, you’re in charge of hiring the next person to take charge in your organization. How do you know if someone has what it takes to be a C-suite hire? Here are 9 telltale signs you’ve got the right person for the job:

1. The candidate is intellectually curious

Leaders thrive on information. They’re naturally drawn to learning and understanding the company they work for. Is the candidate asking questions to deepen their knowledge? If so, that’s a good sign.

2. Accountable

To have what it takes to be in the C-suite, an individual needs to be comfortable with being held accountable for their actions. Owning up to mistakes and being transparent are great qualities in a future leader.

3. All in

A future executive needs to be “all in” the company. You want a hire who’s invested in being a part of the company. This means taking initiative, volunteering, and doing the tough stuff. You don’t want someone who’s watching the clock. You want someone who’s glad to be there and present at the office.

4. Visionary

Your next C-suite hire should be visionary. This means looking beyond the current structure and being able to see the potential of your organization. A dynamic leader is someone who is able to find solutions and explore new ideas. This type of person will propel your company into the future.

5. Walk the walk

Individuals destined for the C-suite don’t wait for the title; they assume the role. If you have an individual who’s already playing the part of a C-suite leader through taking responsibility, looking for solutions, and being a positive part of the company’s future, you should consider putting that person in the C-suite.

6. Growth-minded

The C-suite is not for the content. Someone who is actively pursuing opportunities for personal and professional growth will help your organization be relevant in the future. You want to look for individuals who don’t wait to be prompted. They’re out there taking advantage of both company-sponsored programs and their own combination of continued learning.

7. Problem solving

A C-suite hire can’t be afraid to get their hands dirty. You’ll want to look for hires who seek solutions and don’t shy away from the tough stuff. Problem solving isn’t always fun. It can be stressful and exhausting. But a good leader will relentlessly track down an answer.

8. High EQ

You don’t want a person who loses their cool. C-suite hires need to stay calm under pressure. Someone with a high level of emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a good choice for the C-suite.

9. Proactive

C-suite hires shouldn’t need to be told what to do. They should be proactive in seeking out the information they need to complete a task or take on an initiative. Seek someone who is proactive in their approach to work.